Content that’s simple, clever and engages buyers


15 March, 2019

 This is the raison d’etre for content creators – working out if there is an audience already engaged with their sector and what type of content is going to get their attention.

Engagement is the key as we know that it gives you a warm audience open to becoming customers. That’s backed up by hard evidence as a survey from Mintel showed that brands who have engaged audiences have sales figures that are at least 5% up on brands who don’t.  Consumer surveys have also shown that, on average, 82% of consumers would always buy from a brand they feel connected to. Bear in mind that a new person opens a social account every 15 seconds and in the UK alone 79% of the population use Facebook and YouTube daily. That’s a pretty big potential audience base!

So which sectors are doing engagement best on social media?  In 2018 BuzzSumo analysed 43 million posts from the top 20,000 brands on Facebook and found that the content which goes viral is about food, animals, humour and beauty.  So if you’re a food brand, Facebook, the “reach everyone” channel, is your friend and if you’re a cross-sector brand, funny videos of cute animals will get your brand name in front of the highest number of people.

But there are rules about what you post on Facebook to get the most engagement and the BuzzSumo data can tell us a lot about those rules.  For example, keep your posts to around 5 times a week – more overwhelms your audience and you risk unfollows as people try to get you out their feed, but less means it’s too sporadic and you can’t train the algorithm.  Also, make sure each Facebook post reaches an audience that is honestly likely to buy your product by using advertising to boost key posts, and therefore teach Facebook that your page is popular.  Facebook likes advertisers as it’s where they get their revenue and there are some cool hacks that you can use to really drill down and target your target customers (which we’re saving for another blog!).

At the end of the day, the engagement you’re aiming for is sharing. This is what gets your content in front of a new audience, so you need to delight users with content that entertains but also offers something useful or inspiring.  Post content that will make users feel better about themselves if they share it; post content that helps users foster their own relationships with other people, and post content about your products to user groups who will want to spread the word about issues, products and brands.